The earth-friendly majority

Can we balance human aspiration with the planet’s limitations?

It’s not just up to the government to make all the rules. It’s not just for big corporations to get their act together. They have a role, but it takes each individual household making good, sustainable decisions. Sustainable living requires sustainable shopping.

Introducing a new kind of shopping experience:

  • The best green stores gathered in one place
  • Online is never crowded!
  • Easing the weight of going green

sustainable living: earth in hands
I have been looking for information about sustainable living for years now. It’s easy to find. But products to help live sustainably? Not so much.Stores now have some eco-friendly products, but the selection isn’t great. Whole product lines are missing in action as far as green living is concerned.

Even online it takes some hunting to find everything. Sustainable, green living covers lots of issues. Some stores claim to offer one-stop shopping for everything green. Every one of them omits something that’s important to many customers.

Sustaining Our World is different from all the others. Rather than try to amass a comprehensive selection of our own, we have affiliated with numerous other green sites. The selection of products displayed from any one of them serves as shop windows in a mall.

The solution to a lack of products related to any aspect of environmental consciousness therefore becomes simple: identify and affiliate with a site that specializes in them. Our new site has the flexibility to showcase the extensive range of whatever being sustainable means to its visitors.

Some of our partners offer only a few unique products. Others offer thousands. Every time we add a new partner, we add access to everything on their site. And you can always easily get back to the mall to find our other partners.